Our Remediation and Geo-Services Include:
  • Site Characterization/Remedial Investigation — These intrusive investigations involve the collection of soil and/or groundwater samples to identify areas of concern.
  • Geo-Environmental ServicesBrownfields Restoration — Brownfield restoration provides a mechanism for restoring abandoned or underutilized industrial and commercial properties, while at the same time preserving open space.
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation — Including designing, installing, operating, and maintaining vapor extraction, groundwater pump and treat, dualphase extraction, air sparging, and oxygen injection systems.
  • UST and AST Removal — Licensed tank removal contractors and licensed professional geologists will ensure that critical information is obtained at the time of the tank closure.
  • Phase I and II ESA — Environmental Site Assessments
  • State-Specific Site Remediation Programs
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
    • Landfill post-closure O&M including monitoring, inspections, and reporting
    • Leachate collection system management, maintenance, and troubleshooting
    • Groundwater monitoring well installation oversight, monitoring, and reporting
    • Remediation system operation and maintenance
Case Studies

CMI provides geo-environmental and remediation services to this commercial real estate company, specializing in build-to suite construction, ownership and management of retail and office properties. Projects have included Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, remedial investigation, and site remediation oversight.

This fueling station & fresh made food chain with 60 locations has contracted with CMI to provide ongoing environmental services. These services include air, water and waste reporting, well permitting, and multiple site assessment/remediation projects.

CMI maintains a Master Services Agreement with this leading waste management company, serving millions of customers in the U.S. and Canada. CMI has provided environmental compliance and field services for closed landfills and conducts weekly site visits to monitor and maintain operation of leachate collection systems. CMI also prepares Financial Plan projections for the landfill.

CMI was engaged by an international chemical company with over 40 locations in 10 countries to conduct an assessment of EHS processes. As a result of our findings, CMI was subsequently awarded a contract to provide technical oversight and expertise on remediation projects. CMI’s services have resulted in reduced costs and has helped protect the company’s interests.

CMI assists with various environmental compliance issues for a U.S. oil pipeline company. CMI has completed site assessment activities involving installation of monitoring wells, groundwater sampling and stormwater permitting, sampling, and reporting. CMI also assists with remedial design, installation, and operation and maintenance of an air sparging and soil vapor extraction system.

This international supplier of plastic, fiber, and foam products contracted with CMI to perform environmental due diligence. CMI conducted a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and groundwater gauging and sampling. Satisfactory performance on the project has led to additional safety and environmental assignments.



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