Higher energy prices eat your profits, and it is going to get worse. Current electric rate caps in some areas will expire soon and will impact your bottom line. Most facility owners don’t have the time to address energy usage and resulting costs at their facilities.

Need an Energy Manager?
CMI’s Engineers and Certified Energy Managers will act as your in-house Energy Manager and provide you with practical energy savings opportunities that will be based on your energy reduction strategy and metrics that suit your business financials. Here are several tasks we can do for you to meet your energy reduction goals:

  • Help clients select an electric generation provider suited for their facilities power usage
  • Analyze your current facility energy usage to benchmark the facilityEnergy Savings
  • Verify the accuracy of your utility bills
  • Audit your facility and find energy savings opportunities in the facility
  • Recommend and manage the appropriate service providers and contractors
  • Research grants and low cost loans for energy savings projects
  • Manage and oversee implementation of energy savings projects
  • Verify projected energy savings are achieved
Sustainability Initiatives that Can Impact Your Business
CMI works with businesses of all types to help develop their sustainability programs and measure progress toward identifiable goals. Among our services that could help you are:

  • Develop Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories
  • Provide guidance in preparing sustainability reports
  • Prepare data collection and evaluation systems for sustainability indicators
  • Prepare Environmental Management Systems that fit your needs
  • Identify and assist to obtain relevant certifications and enrollment in green partnership programs (SFI, FSC, EPA Climate Leaders, Industry-Specific Certifications)
  • Water usage reduction strategies
  • Waste reduction strategies
  • Supply chain vendor audits for sustainability
  • Identify and assist you in obtaining grants for “green” initiatives