Ergonomics: Good for Employees, Good for Business

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What’s the webinar about?


Every year work-related musculoskeletal disorders (e.g., sprains and strains) make up about 30-35% of workplace injuries and about 35-40% of direct injury costs. Ergonomics has been proven to be a cost-effective way to prevent these injuries and business losses. And yet, many companies are hesitant to embrace ergonomics because it is often not fully understood and at times politicized. But times are changing. More and more companies are engaging ergonomic programs to gain a competitive advantage by not only reducing injuries and related costs but also by boosting productivity.


We will discuss:


  • The changing ergonomics regulatory landscape
  • What ergonomics is all about
  • How ergonomics can be value added to your company
  • A 5-step process your company can use to reduce injury risk and increase operational efficiencies


Who should attend?


    • EHS Professionals
    • Operations/Production Managers
    • Manufacturing/Process Engineers
    • Facilities Managers
    • Human Resources Managers
    • Anyone interested in learning more about ergonomics!

Feel free to invite your colleagues!



Ed Havey, M.S, CPE, Ergonomics, ehavey@complianceplace.com



Erin Rymsa, Director of Training Services, erymsa@complianceplace.comĀ 



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