Safe By Design: Manufacturing & Assembly Ergonomics

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2024 DOT Hazmat Open Enrollment Training Presentation


What’s the webinar about?


Every year work-related musculoskeletal disorders (e.g., sprains and strains) make up about 30-35% of workplace injuries and about 35-40% of direct injury costs. Ergonomics is a cost-effective way to prevent these injuries and business losses by designing jobs that are safer and easier for employees to do. Designing for manufacturing and assembly focuses on simplifying the design of products to improve the ease of parts manufacture and efficiency of parts assembly. This webinar will highlight how combining these two complementary design approaches creates a competitive advantage by not only reducing injuries and related costs but also by boosting manufacturing and assembly productivity.


We will discuss:


  • What ergonomics is about
  • What are injury risk factors and how to find them
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) principles
  • Design for Ergonomic (DfE) principles
  • How DfMA and DfE are complimentary and synergistic approaches


Who should attend?


    • EHS Professionals
    • Operations/Production Managers
    • Manufacturing/Process Engineers
    • Anyone interested in learning more about ergonomics!

Feel free to invite your colleagues!



Ed Havey, M.S, CPE, Ergonomics, ehavey@complianceplace.com


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