Hiring temporary workers can be a cost-effective and time efficient solution for businesses who can’t afford to hire and train a permanent employee. When hiring temporary workers, it is critical that the staffing agency and host employer ensure proper safety training has been conducted before the worker begins their job function. According to OSHA, more and more temporary workers have become fatally injured on the job due to lack of consistent on the job safety training.
To clarify who is responsible for training temporary workers, OSHA has declared that both the temp agency AND the employer have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the temporary worker as part of their Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI).
Staffing agencies are required to provide general health and safety training, while the host employer must provide specific health and safety training depending on the work assigned. Learn more about this regulation from OSHA. Looking for someone to assist with compliance or, to develop a Health & Safety training program? Call CMI today.
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