Webinar – Confined Space Compliance: What You Need to Know

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What’s the webinar about?


Confined spaces can be one of the most dangerous situations employees can encounter in the workplace. Over 100 employees lose their lives annually and many others suffer serious injuries. Confined Spaces regulations for General Industry are under 29 CFR 1910.146 and include the practice of ensuring safe work conditions in fully or partially enclosed areas such as manholes, chemical tanks, pipelines, boilers, utility vaults, and storage bins. This webinar will focus on confined space requirements, roles/responsibilities, and pitfalls to programs and how to mitigate them.


We will discuss:


  • Confined Spaces
    • OSHA statistics
    • Pitfalls of confined space entry programs
  • Confined Space Determination
    • Permit-required spaces
    • Alternate entry spaces
    • Reclassified spaces
  • Confined Space Program Elements
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Program Requirements
    • Confined Space Entry Permitting
    • Training & Employee Participation
    • Atmospheric Testing and Ventilation
    • Controlling Hazardous Energy
    • Rescue and Emergency Services


Who should attend?


  • Facility and Maintenance Managers
  • Operations and Plant Managers
  • EHS Professionals and Representatives
  • Those with Confined Space Entry Responsibilities

Feel free to invite your colleagues!




Michael Schneider, CSP, Director, Health & Safety Services, mschneider@complianceplace.com




Erin Rymsa, Director of Training Services, erymsa@complianceplace.com


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