Webinar – How Facility Operations Can Affect Phase 1 Assessments

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What’s the webinar about?


A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a comprehensive report prepared for a real estate holding that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. Many commercial and industrial operations are required by financial lenders to complete a Phase I ESA as part of the sale or refinance of the property. An often-overlooked tool that many business owners possess is the ability to complete a Phase I ESA up to a year before the sale of the property, which can save a lot of time and headache down the road!

CMI has been assisting companies in various industries complete Phase l ESAs and reports for many years. In order to promote a more thorough understanding of Phase l ESAs, CMI is pleased to invite you to our Phase l Webinar. 


We will discuss:


  • What is Phase l ESA, and why is it important?
    • Bank/lender requirements- Due Diligence period
    • Phase I ESA Report Element
    • Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) and example
  • How Facility Operations can affect the results of a Phase I ES 
    • Identifying RECs in the present to prevent issues with the sale or refinancing of a property in the future
    • Good housekeeping measures to prevent future environmental issues
    • Potential impact to identifying hazards early
  • Case Studies


Who should attend?


  • Business Operations and Facility Managers
  • Financial Lenders
  • EHS Specialists and Representatives

Feel free to invite your colleagues!




Phil Maniscalco, Project Manager, Geoservices, pmaniscalco@complianceplace.com





Erin Rymsa, Director, Training Services, erymsa@complianceplace.com


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