Webinar – TRI Reporting

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What’s the webinar about?


The EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting program is one of the most detailed and rigorously-enforced programs due to its purpose of providing toxic chemical release data to the public. CMI has been assisting companies complete TRI assessments and reports for many years. In order to promote a more thorough understanding of the program prior to the July 1 reporting deadline. CMI is pleased to invite you to our TRI webinar.



We Will Discuss:


  • What is TRI, and why is it important?
    • Origin and purpose of the program
    • EPA’s enforcement practices
    • What materials are covered
    • How information is used


  • TRI Applicability Determination – Do I need to report? How do I know?
    • The 3 different USE categories
    • Information needed to make a determination – data, data, data
    • Technical resources available for assistance


  • TRI Reporting – I’m in. What now?
    • Form R vs. Form A
    • More data, data, data
    • Organization & presentation of information
    • Consistency with other program reporting
    • Online reporting system


  • What’s new for the reporting year?



Who should attend?


  • Plant Managers
  • EHS Specialists and Representatives
  • Those with TRI Reporting Responsibilities

Feel free to invite your colleagues!




Kristian Witt, Vice President of Environmental Services – Environmental Services, kwitt@complianceplace.com


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