CMI was recently featured in Business Magazine’s August publication. Vice President, Betsy Lovensheimer, CIH,CSP, discussed CMI’s offerings related to partnership programs, expertise for regulatory requirements, and cost-savings benefits. She explained how CMI has provided clients with expertise, confidence, and peace of mind during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the entire article below:



With the onset of COVID-19, the world was reminded how uncertain life can be. We stayed home to keep our families and friends safe and healthy. We were abruptly thrust from our typical workdays into remote work, Zoom calls, temperature testing, and mask wearing. While we were thinking about our loved ones, we were also doing everything we could to keep our workplaces running and our employees safe.


Organizational leaders worked closely with HR and – if lucky – consulted with experienced health and safety professionals to sort through the ever-changing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state Health Departments, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to make decisions that allowed us to keep businesses open.


Now, as we return to a new normal, the vast majority of employers have come to realize the importance of having environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals in their workplaces. These EHS experts understand risk assessment and know how to make decisions that help maintain regulatory compliance and ensure safe and healthy workplaces in a cost-effective manner.


Compliance Management International (CMI), with offices in Cranberry Township, Mechanicsburg and North Wales, Pennsylvania, is one such firm already assisting with this growing demand. Clients deemed essential and that worked with CMI continued to operate safely throughout the pandemic. They had immediate access to highly qualified Pandemic Safety Officers, plans and training to ensure safety without any additional cost.


“It was an unsettling time, but CMI provided them with the expertise, confidence, and peace of mind by quickly conducting regulatory reviews and COVID-19 risk assessments, developing plans, and delivering virtual training to ensure management teams and employees understood the risks and were able to work safely under the new protocols,” explains CMI Vice President Betsy Lovensheimer. “Through CMI, clients continued to ensure environmental reports, permits and sampling programs were compliant. They set up temperature screening programs and conducted a wide variety of air quality and employee exposure monitoring programs. “


EHS Outsourcing – CMI’s Partnership Program

CMI is a unique EHS consulting firm. Founded more than 25 years ago, its objective was to offer an alternative to organizations that want to have access to experienced EHS professionals without the cost of a full-time internal resource or EHS department. The company’s mission is to enhance customers’ performance by providing outsourced EHS management teams to manage compliance, allowing leadership to focus on their firms’ productivity and growth. CMI maximizes its customers’ savings by lowering the cost of hiring/re-hiring, training and managing internal EHS staff, and eliminating legacy costs.


CMI provides a team of professionals to handle EHS program needs typically with a fixed budget, without any unexpected EHS program management costs. “Our senior management team focuses on cultivating trained professionals who can integrate seamlessly into any organization to ensure an infrastructure and culture is in place to maintain compliance, knowledge, and data through company transitions and personnel changes,” states Lovensheimer. “Our Partnership Program has allowed us to grow into one of the largest health and safety outsourcing firms in the region.”


Expertise for Your specific Regulatory Requirements

Just like any other department, internal EHS professionals are occasionally presented with instances they have never seen or experienced before. By outsourcing to CMI, employers have a team member capable of handling unique situations or new regulations to ensure their organization is covered in all situations — routine or emergency. They also have a team of EHS professionals who are assigned to address the day-to-day issues as well as a specialized team of environmental engineers, industrial hygienists and geoscientists who are called upon when new facilities, regulations, audits or emergency support is needed.


Cost Savings

Staffing an internal EHS department can help your organization maintain EHS compliance; however, it comes with substantial costs. According to CMI, outsourcing EHS allows you to invest in a well-trained team of EHS professionals, equipped with all the tools and resources they need to get the job done cost effectively. “You don’t need to worry about their compensation, replacement costs and downtime during transitions,” explains Lovensheimer. “The cost savings experienced by outsourcing can be invested elsewhere to help business growth.”


Staffing an in-house EHS department certainly has some benefits and may be needed in high-risk organizations; however, outsourcing the planning, development, and execution will help ensure that a company is operating efficiently, compliantly, safely and optimally.

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