Webinar – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the Return to the Workplace

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What’s the webinar about?


As we begin our return to pre-COVID employment routines, one factor has stood out as a key consideration for employees reentering the workplace: indoor air quality (IAQ). Nearly three-quarters of all employees have cited air quality as a significant occupational health and safety concern, and more than half would consider changing jobs if they felt the air quality in their workplace was unsafe.

Many offices, public spaces, and institutional facilities have operated at lower capacities for the past two years, which has created a new set of IAQ challenges. Coupled with a heightened awareness of air quality among building occupants, this has caused many employers and facility managers to make IAQ management a top priority.

As stakeholders for a safe and healthy indoor environment, CMI hopes you will join us for a discussion on the IAQ issues associated with COVID and the return to the workplace.


We will discuss:


  • Unique IAQ challenges associated with COVID and the return to work
  • Current best practices and standards for optimizing air quality in indoor environments
  • The EPA “Clean Air Challenge” and strategies for applying these principles
  • Practical steps for IAQ testing, monitoring, and management
  • Methods for addressing and communicating IAQ issues to enhance employee engagement


Who should attend?


  • Operations and Facility Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Office Managers
  • EHS Specialists and Representatives

Feel free to invite your colleagues!




Todd Allshouse, CIH, CSP, Director, Health & Safety/Industrial Hygiene Services, tallshouse@complianceplace.com





Erin Rymsa, Director of Training Services, erymsa@complianceplace.com



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